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With a work at home job, the employer decides your income. They also decide when and if you get raises. In my last work at home job, I was told that there were not annual raises given, even at annual reviews. I suppose the expectation was that one would just be happy to have the job and be willing to always work for the same amount of money. Even if you take on additional responsibility, there’s no guarantee it will have a positive impact on your income.

In a direct sales opportunity, you can decide what your income will be. If you want to increase your personal income, hold more parties or do more events! Want to increase your income for the future? Build a team of people and support them in their goals and dreams. I love that this is an industry where you can choose to make a few hundred extra dollars a month or earn a six-figure income. Whatever your desire, it’s all possible!


In a work at home job, you may have advancement opportunities, or you may not. You may also find that you’re passed over for those opportunities. It may be that you are with a small company where there really isn’t much opportunity to advance. As the newcomer, you may have to “pay your dues” before advancement opportunities become available to you. Have a look at more similar information about that and you will know where to start your business.

With the opportunity I found in direct sales with South Hill Designs, there’s no waiting on those advancements. I have had team members get their first promotion in three days, and some in 30 days. Based on how you work your business, you can advance through the ranks in the company at your own pace. With each promotion in rank, you see your income increase as well.

A Sense of Ownership and Accomplishment

We’ve all had those jobs where it just didn’t seem that we were making a difference. I like to be able to point to the things I have accomplished and be proud of them. While I’ve always given more than 100% at the jobs I held, I can’t say that I always felt like a lot got accomplished. The other thing I experienced is while you may implement a great plan or idea, you don’t always get the credit and the sense of accomplishment for doing that. It can be frustrating to see someone else take credit for things.